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Who’s your Sam? – May 27, 2016


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Summer is here and I can already smell barbeque in the air! As such, we have a short break from “The Final Service” book tour and I didn’t realize how exhausted I am. I’ll take and enjoy these few days off.

I am receiving incredible letters and reviews from readers. They are sharing not just how much they enjoyed reading “The Final Service,” but also they are speaking of healing and understanding. Relationships of any kind can be, as Sam says in TFS, “fragile alliances.” Reading this book seems to be creating a greater level of understanding about broken relationships and in many cases, have helped begin the healing process. I could not be happier with the reviews and I am sincerely touched by the letters.

As you may also know, “The Final Service” has been an “Amazon #1 ‘new release’ in Christian Fiction!” I could not be happier, but even with this immediate success, the hard work is still ahead and I am humbly asking for your help in recommending this book to others!

-Blog about The Final Service!

-Write a review on The Final Service page on, and Good Reads!

-Recommend The Final Service to your local book clubs!

-If you have not done so, purchase your copy of The Final Service!

-And remember, books make great gifts for graduations, birthdays, etc.

-Everyone needs a “Sam” in their life. By helping me share this story, you can be mine!

Who is your Sam?